Staffordshire Garage Conversions

Case studies

The Perfect Office

Joining the queue with everyone else, I was unfortunately made redundant in 2010 from position as a Computer Hardware engineer. With very little success in finding work I quickly decided self employment was the best option and so using my redundancy money I set out to find an office that would carry me through atleast 3 - 4months until my income picks back up  again.

Suprised by what seemed to me as very expensive options and frustrated that I would have to pay for additional equipment that I already had installed at home (Broadband, Telephones, Parking, Catering etc), I started to look into converting my garage into a home office.

 Originally I wasn't sure 1) if it would be possible and 2) if it would be affordable, so I 'shopped around'. Out of 3 companies I had called up for quotes and advice Pete from SGC was the only guy who had the time to discuss in length my options, the processes they would take and the cost.

Amazed by how quickly they proposed turn around time would be and by how significantly little it would cost in comparison to my original expectations, without hesitation I asked SGC to start work immediately.

Literally after 8 and a bit days I now have the perfect office which has reduced my overheads, kept me closer to my kids and wife and made good use of resources already available to me.

Thank you to all at SGC for the great work. - Jon Barker

Quiet Time

Based on their price and portfolio of work, we chose Staffordshire Garage Conversions to turn our garage full of nothing more than gardening equipment into a fully furnished 'quiet room' where I can take time away fromt he main living space to read a book, listen to music or simply sit and unwind.

Staffordshire Garage Conversion where very competant, personable and their experience certainly shone through from the offset. The whole process was effortless and my only very minor 'niggle' if I had one, was that at times a lot of dust was created though the employees did try their upmost to clear and prevent it to the best of their ability.

I would highly recommend Staffordshire Garage Conversion to anyone looking for a conversion - Judith Cleamence


We had our garage converted to a games room for the kids with a pool table, TV and games console. The end result looks amazing and the kids are happy. Worth every penny - A+++++++++++++++

Clarie & Dave Taylor

The Spare Room

We own a 3 bedroom house with detached garage. Although on the very odd occasion we used to park the car in the garage just to use it, we looked into converting the garage into a spare room/guest house. Our initial thoughts where that it wouldn't be possible to do so because of the requirements for planning permission.

Having spoken to Peter at SGC who himself verified that planning permission was needed, He sorted all the planning out and building regulations and got our drawings sorted so we went ahead with the conversion. We now have a great looking spare room/guest house that stands detached from the rest of the house complete with its own main door, double bed and wet room

Jenny Aldridge

WHO We Are

Staffordshire Garage Conversions is Staffordshie’s leading construction company for the conversion of garages.

With over 30 years experience in construction, heating and plumbing and an inventory of other specialist tradesmen to hand no job is impossible, too big or too small.


We specialise in utilising unused or wasted garage space into useful living space, from additional entertainment and sitting rooms to home offices and home gyms, we can tranform any garage of any size to meet your specification.

80% of all conversions do not require planning permission and are completed within 10 days with little or nor distruption to your standard of living during the build.

WHERE We Operate

As the name suggests we tend to offer garage conversions throughout the Staffordshire area only. However in some circumstances we will travel to undertake a project.

Despite the name however we always encourage and welcome users to contact us to request a no obligation quotation regardless of whether you are situated outside of the Staffordshire area.